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One Community Business Spotlight: PJ’s Diner

PJ’s Diner, is a genuine story of Superior Love!

PJ’s Diner is named after the dynamic and fun owner, Pam Jill, who created this local family-owned business, where many of her children work. Pam is a twin with a great sense of humor and a strong love of community. She was the only independent breakfast spots in Superior for a long time and the diner often sees lines of loyal customers longing for a weekend brunch like no other. Part of PJ’s popular appeal is the atmosphere and charm of Pam herself. She provides clients with incredible customer service and the highest quality homemade food.

Pam has always worked in the customer service and hospitality profession, and she was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years. Before opening PJ’s, she worked for Doug’s Day Diner, which previously occupied the space. She helped Doug open several diners and when the diner was offered to her, she jumped at the chance to become her own boss. She took over from Doug and shaped it into her very own house of delicious fare. The small-town vibe of Superior is a great place for a diner and that vibe has always struck her fancy.

Part of the Superior community since 2013, she is known for her homemade food and quality customer service. A woman- and family-owned business, people are drawn to PJ’s because they provide a sense of home. Everyone is welcome at PJ’s, no matter what.

Oh, and her favorite dish is the homemade Chorizo!

“I love how supportive and tight knit the community is, and I hope Superior draws in more small businesses.” 
– Pam, Owner of PJ’s Diner

Visit PJ’s at 1619 Coalton Road, Superior


Facebook: pjsdinersuperior

Instagram: @pjsdinersuperior

The One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.

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