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Welcome to Economic Development for the Town of Superior. Superior is vibrant, progressive and known as one of the best small towns in Colorado. Superior’s ideal location along the US 36 corridor between Denver and Boulder provides high visibility to more than 80,000 vehicles daily.

The Town has opportunities in retail and office in both existing and in new developments. We provide development services to new and existing businesses, so businesses can grow and expand to create jobs, increase revenues and make capital investment. Our goal is to ensure your start-up, existing or expanding business benefits from the town’s collaboration, dedication, and support.

2023 Annual Report

2024 Local Business Survey

Target industries:

  • Entertainment  
  • Entrepreneurs & start-ups  
  • Financial  
  • Health & wellness  
  • Hotel  
  • Outdoor  
  • Primary employers 
  • Recreation  
  • Retail  
  • Restaurant  
  • Sciences
  • Technology 

Local Business Testimonials


The Alpine Center loves its Superior location, as we get to serve a wonderful group of local residents. We picked Superior to be conveniently located for as many residents of the Denver/Boulder area as we could. The Alpine Center was founded to help clients manage their endocrine conditions, like diabetes, thyroid disease, and overweight, and help people understand their health so they can be empowered to be at their best.


Crumbl Cookies has felt very welcomed and supported by this lovely town! Everyone at the Town of Superior has been kind and always happy to answer any questions I have. It’s been a great community to be a part of.


The Town of Superior has been an amazing place to have as a home for 100% Chiropractic. I am really thankful to know that I have the towns support to make my dream of helping others a reality. This past year has had some real trying times and the town has been a huge help. With everything that goes on behind the scenes as a business owner it is a relief to know that you have a whole host of people on your team wanting you to be successful. 100% Chiropractic appreciates you!

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