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Superior Business Spotlight: Pat’s Tap

The newest local business in Rock Creek Village is Pat’s Tap—a terrific place to unwind and enjoy time with family and friends in Superior. The tap house is casual fun at its best—you order your drinks at the counter then pick a table yourself. Customers enjoy watching sports on the Direct TV and playing games provided by Pat’s Tap, including a selection of board games and a Nintendo 64 for the kids (including the kid in all of us).  

The wide variety of drinks includes a selection of craft beers, hard ciders, hard seltzers, wine, coffee, and sodas. Pat searches out rare drinks to offer, with 10 taps reserved for Colorado brews, another 10 for out of state or international drinks, and bottles from Belgium or Germany.  

Pat Brown has always been a beer connoisseur. He received a degree in brewery operations and worked as a brewer for many years at Left Hand Brewery. After his son was born, he started looking into options that would allow him to care for his son in the mornings and work in the evenings—and identified a tap house as the perfect opportunity to both work the ideal hours and utilize his expertise. Pat’s mother owns long-time Superior favorite PJ’s Diner, and Pat decided to open his tap house in the same shopping center: Rock Creek Village. 

In addition to providing snacks and sandwiches onsite, Pat’s Tap encourages customers to pick up a meal from one of the many terrific neighboring restaurants and then bring their dinner with them to eat at Pat’s Tap. 

Come to Pat’s Tap to catch the next Denver Nuggets game, enjoy the local cuisine, or try playing Pat’s favorite game—Axis and Allies. 

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