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Becoming a Sustainable Business in Superior

A business can reduce its environmental impact and potentially save money by minimizing waste sent to landfills and lowering energy consumption. However, business owners may find it challenging and time-consuming to identify specific changes or programs that can help them achieve these goals at their place of business.

Superior’s businesses can receive assistance identifying sustainability opportunities and reducing costs through two FREE programs:

  • Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) Business Sustainability Advisors
    PACE will send an advisor who will work one-on-one with you to identify which programs and practices can provide cost-savings and enhance the sustainability of your business. (There is currently a recycling rebate program that helps pay for business recycling bins—available while funds last!)
    Request an assessment at


  • Xcel Energy Small Business Energy Solutions Assessment
    Businesses submit application, and Xcel dispatches an auditor for a walkthrough to examine energy-consuming lighting and equipment like water heaters, boilers, and kitchen appliances. Eligible customers may receive free installation of LED bulbs and sink aerators during the assessment; and businesses with fluorescent tube lighting may qualify for free LED tube installation. The auditor provides a report recommending energy-efficient upgrades, estimated costs, and energy savings. Rebate information is also included for recently installed equipment eligible for reimbursement.
    Request an assessment at


We encourage businesses to take advantage of these resources. Some of these programs (such as the recycling rebate) may not be available long-term, so please take advantage of these services as soon as possible.

Alexis Bullen
Town of Superior
Sustainability Manager

303-499-3675 x140


Matt Hannon
Boulder County
PACE Advisor



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