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Economic Development Intern

Lillian Robinson, a member of the Superior community, has joined the Town of Superior Economic Development team as an intern. A senior at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU), Lillian is on track to graduate this spring with degrees in Political Science and Economics. With roots deeply embedded in Superior—her family having been residents for almost three decades—Lillian’s journey into town service began as a lifeguard at the North and South pools.

Transitioning from lifeguard to Senior Pool Manager, Lillian found gratification in collaborating with town officials to enhance pool services, spurring her desire to contribute further providing skills learned at CU. Upon reaching out to the town in late summer of 2023, Lillian was warmly welcomed into the Economic Development team Jill Mendoza, Superior Economic Development Manager, and Leslie Espinosa, Superior Chamber of Commerce Director.

Under Jill’s guidance, Lillian has spearheaded various economic development projects, including updating business listings, managing social media promotions, and coordinating a business survey initiative. Lillian is currently collaborating with Leslie to curate a New Business Resource Page.

Throughout her internship, Lillian has had the privilege of attending diverse events and meetings, broadening her understanding of community dynamics. Her experience has fueled personal and professional growth, equipping her with invaluable skills and perspectives for her future academic pursuits.

In fall of 2024 Lillian will embark on her next academic chapter at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Her time under the mentorship of Jill has primed her for this exciting new journey, and she eagerly anticipates utilizing her experience gained through supporting economic development in the Town of Superior.

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