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One Community Business Spotlight: Fearless Motion Dance Center

Fearless Motion Dance Center was opened in 2018 by sisters Brianna (Bri) Frey and Callie Frey. It was a leap of faith for them to launch in Superior because there was no established dance community, and they did not know a single soul in town. They quickly signed up 18 students and have now grown to serve over 150. Four years later, they enjoy the continued loyalty of some of the original students!

In the early development of their dance center, they struggled to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The fact that they are now trying to survive the devastating Marshall Fire has kept them on a rollercoaster ride. Despite the ups and downs, they are thankful for the amazing support they feel from the Superior community. The sisters ae hopeful that the community will recover and will once again thrive.

Callie and Bri strive to build a connection with every customer, “We listen to the needs of our customers and shape our curriculum/programs around this. We make dance fun and spread kindness everywhere we go,” said Callie. Their passion for dance and community are evident in their excellent customer service.

“We [love Superior’s] community. Everywhere you go you run into someone you know. It has an amazing small-town vibe that can’t be beat. The support community members have for each other and for the local small businesses is unmatched.
-Brianna Frey & Callie Frey, Owners

Visit Fearless Motion Dance Center at 409 Center Dr, Superior


Facebook: @fearlessmotiondance 

Instagram:  @fearlessdancecenter 

The One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.

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