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One Community Business Spotlight: CBArt Studio

From Venezuela to Paris to Superior! Art played an important role throughout Cora Bracho’s life, but it was science that brought her to Superior. Cora is a chemist with a Ph.D. in Material Sciences and she specialized in Biomaterial with experience in Dental Medical Devices. She moved to Paris at the age of 23 after she finished college in Caracas and earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in France. Her first career was as the Director of R&D for a French dental company.

In 2002, Cora’s company sent her to Louisville to create the R&D laboratory in a brand new dental pharmaceutical facility. There, she was the Scientific Director and responsible for R&D and Regulatory Affairs. At that time, she chose Superior as her home-base.

Cora retired in 2015 and in 2020 CBArt Studios was born. With an innate curiosity and attraction to the world of the arts, she is a mixed media artist who sculpts low-firing clay and uses various post-fired techniques to create compelling works of art where organic mud joins different objects in harmonic balance. Her work is mainly figurative where color, love, longing, hope, emotions, humor, imagery, rhythm and balance are conjugated as a reflection of her experiences. She started out painting but quickly moved into sculpture, to fulfill her need for a three-dimensional expression that allows people to see and touch her creations. “ This time around, it’s all about the kids!” CBArt gives Cora the opportunity to share her passion for art with the youngest residents here in Superior. Cora holds classes in her garage art studio and at the Superior Community Center. Customers love that she brings the world of art and culture to influence and enrich their children’s lives. She and her husband, Steve Leeds (Superior Community Center staff extraordinaire), have a close relationship with their nieces and nephews, who are sprinkled around the world.

“I love Superior’s spirit of community and inclusion, and I hope the Town continues to support our artists and integrate art into our community.
Cora Bracho, Business Owner

FB: @CoraBrachoArt

Instagram: @corabrachoart

The One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.

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