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One Community Business Spotlight: Sunshine Animal Hospital

Wife and husband team, Dr. Kristy and Cory Kreutzer, are not your ordinary mom-and-pop shop. With Kristy’s degree from Colorado State University and Cory’s background in engineering, this power team provides five-star service to Superior and surrounding communities. They built their practice from scratch and opened in October 2019 while raising two elementary school children and three fur babies!

Within six months of opening, they had to learn how to adapt to the new reality that the Covid-19 Pandemic posed. State mandated restrictions on certain medical supplies restricted them from performing certain procedures so that limited supplies could be conserved for human medicine. Through these challenging economic conditions, Kristy and Cory preserved the growth of their business and their quality service.

Kristy and Cory are proud to maintain the high bar they set, stating that the amazing clients and pets that they interact with and care that they provide makes it worth the effort. “Dr. K was patient, thorough, knowledgeable, kind, and understood all of the nuances of an older dog,” – Yelp review. They even designed their own logo to represent Superior and the overwhelming love for cats and dogs here.

“Superior’s great mix of residents in a wide range of age groups and interests…makes the community feel welcoming and inclusive.”
– Kristy and Cory Kreutzer, Owners

Visit Sunshine Animal Hospital at 2800 Rock Creek Circle, Superior



One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.

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