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One Community Business Spotlight: Sup Town CrossFit

Nick Gilbreath has both brains and brawn! With a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), Nick transitioned to a fitness career after five years as an engineer. His passion for fitness led him to open a gym in Broomfield in 2011 with a CSM football teammate. After several years in Broomfield, he moved his operation to the Superior Sport Stable since so many of his clients were Superior residents. He also transitioned from personal training to CrossFit once he discovered the community building and enjoyed camaraderie CrossFit offered.

Thanks to the encouragement and support from a CrossFit client, Jamie Shapiro, Nick opened his own gym, Sup Town CrossFit in December 2019 in the Rock Creek Shopping Center. Members of Sup Town CrossFit love the gym’s convenient location and supportive and knowledgeable staff. The gym provides an hour of respite to clients where they don’t have to worry about work, kids or whatever other stressors they may have. Focusing on health and fitness while having fun is valued at Sup Town. Nick’s favorite exercises are Turkish get-ups and handstand pushups!

“Everyone at Sup Town was affected by the recent fires, some much more than others. Seeing how much this community has come together to help and support each other has been a beautiful thing.”
–Nick Gilbreath, Business Owner

Visit Sup Town CrossFit at 1609 Coalton Road, Superior




One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.

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