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State of Superior Highlights

Mayor Folsom provided the seventh annual State of Superior event via a video presentation. Highlights from this address include the following statements:

  • Urgent support that the Town provided to support businesses through the pandemic include:
    • $565,000 was distributed to Superior small businesses through 3 rounds of grant programs. Superior was among the very first municipalities in the State to offer direct small business grants in response to COVID.
    • 93 one-year memberships to the Superior chamber of Commerce for Superior home-based businesses paid for by the Town.
    • Superior Cash Program participants spent $37,380 in certificates that directly supported Superior businesses.
  • The Town of Superior is strong:
    • 18% increase in sales tax collected in 2020, compared to 2019, despite the pandemic.
    • 45% of Town revenue comes from sales and other use taxes. 14.3% comes from property taxes.
    • Big investments in open space, water treatment upgrades, economic development, and the new community center — still debt remains very low.

Thank you to our mayor, Town leaders, and everyone who lives or works in Superior for all you do to make Superior fantastic.

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