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Superior Business Spotlight: Wayne’s Smoke Shack

A Passion for Texas-style Barbeque 

Superior, Colorado is home to Wayne’s Smoke Shack, a Texas-style meat market that specializes in mouth-watering brisket and a variety of smoked meats and sides. Wayne’s provides communal seating inside and a charming patio outside where customers can enjoy their meals. 

Wayne, the mastermind behind Wayne’s Smoke Shack, hails from Texas. He moved to Colorado because of his love for the state but was disappointed by the lack of quality barbeque. Wayne began teaching himself how to smoke meat, and over the last ten years, he has become a self-taught chef who is passionate about perfecting the art of barbeque. One of the things that sets Wayne’s Smoke Shack apart from other restaurants is the hands-on approach taken by the small mom and pop team. Wayne personally seasons and pulls all the meat, which allows him to maintain quality control.  

Wayne’s wife Samantha joined him in running the business three years ago, and as a team they spend four days preparing for the two days they are open—Friday and Saturday. Those very busy weekend days start before dawn for Wayne and Samantha so they can make everything which is then freshly smoked and sold that day. They also make sure that all meat is hormone and antibiotic-free, and they use recipes that are available on their website. 

When the Marshall Fire devastated Superior, Wayne’s building and equipment were damaged—along with Wayne and Samantha’s home and car. The community rallied together to support them through a go-fund-me page; and while rebuilding from the fire the team spent their time testing new recipes, and starting a farm that will provide veggies and goat cheese for Wayne’s Smoke Shack in the future. The new menu items include pineapple glazed ham, smoked salmon, roasted smoked cauliflower, smoked broccoli, sticky toffee pudding, and banana pudding. Customers can now grab-and-go from the market, which offers a variety of options for those looking for a quick bite. Now that Wayne’s is open again, the team has a renewed energy and passion, and they are excited to share their love for delicious barbeque with everyone. 

Despite the popularity of Wayne’s Smoke Shack, Wayne has no plans to expand or franchise. He believes that it is important to maintain quality, and the mom-and-pop team remains hands-on. They believe in supporting the local community and are grateful for the tight-knit community of Superior. 

Wayne’s Smoke Shack is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and information about the restaurant is available on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Wayne’s used to sell out early, but now they are making twice as much meat in multiple cycles to ensure there is plenty for everyone who wants some of the best barbeque in town! Line up at the door on the left for hot and fresh barbeque, or come straight in through the door on the right if you’d like some yummy treats from the market to take home. 

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